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GemBR with BGT mod on android


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I want to play BG1, BG2 and the expansion using the BGT mod. I normally play on the pc but want to give it a try on my samsing galxy tab 10 using GemBR.

However I have no idea how to start the installation. I can find several guides on how to play BG1 or BG2 using GemBR but I can not seem to find a guide to play the BGT mod. So my question is, is it possible and if yes. Could you please be so kind to provide a guide on how to install (the exact order of installation) on an android device.


thank you verry much!!

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Hi. BGT is essentially a modified BG2. I suggest you follow any BG2 guides you encounter, but install BGT on top of this BG2 installation. If that is impossible on your OS, simply install Bg2 + BGT on your windows PC and then copy the installed version of BGT to your Galaxy Tab.

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Yes. GemRB should be configured for the .exe you use. It should be irrelevant what data files are used. If they work with the original exe, they are supposed to work with GemRB configured to emulate that exe.

One small warning, though. If your mod modifies the .exe (XP cap, ToBEx, new animation slots hacked into the exe etc) then compatible modifications may be needed on some GemRB files.

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