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Shapeshifting doesn't change shape or stats


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I have just installed GB2 (bought via gog.com). I immediately patched it with Gibberlings 'BG2 Fixpack v9' and tweaked it a bit with 'BG2 Tweak Pack v11'. One of the tweaks I thus installed was the 'Shapeshifter Rebalancing' mod by Weimer. Also I couldn't help installing NPC Flirt Pack which the Tweak Pack readme was so uncareful as to link to...

Then I started a single player game and made myself a nice Shapeshifter druid. HOWEVER... Not much happens when I shapeshift: The spell slot is used, the lady makes some nice handwaving and lightshow but she doesn't turn into a warewolf. Also, her stats doesn't change, neither her picture.


I also have Jaheira in my party - she is a ranger/druid. She has no trouble transforming into an animal. I tested her as a bear.


What am I doing wrong here?

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I'm not entirely sure about this, but there may be some shapeshifting tweaks in the tweakpack that are interfering with things. For someone who has a better grip in these things, posting your WeiDU.log might be helpful to see where the problem is.

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