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True Seeing and non detection


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I had a long post written out and accidentally deleted it. it involved saying sorry if this threads been created before, I used the search function and didnt find any threads answering this question so I'm going to ask:


Does the spell non detection protect from true seeing while invisible? It seems to in the spell description but the "note" seems to suggest tat it does not, or that true seeing will break through the protection.


Can someone please clarify? Sorry for my idiocy. Thanks.

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I have been absent from the game for a long time, so I could be mistaken about this but....


I believe that it depends somewhat on the sources of "invisibility" and "non-detection". A stealth character hiding in the shadows will be immune from True Seeing if he his wearing a certain cloak which grants non-detection. But a character who drinks a potion of invisibility and then casts a non-detection spell will be revealed.

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