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This action removes any invisibility effects and aborts the hiding in shadows modal action.

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More iwd2 action oneliners (most are trivial):


1. SetAreaFlags - sets or removes area flags stored at 0xc in .are files.

2. SetMusic - sets area music. SetMusic(DAY, MX_1000) would set the current area's day music to mx1000.mus (See music.ids/music.2da)

3. WaitAnimation - waits till the target object reaches the stance. WaitAnimation(MySelf, READY) would wait till the actor stops casting, attacking, etc.

4. SetCreatureAreaFlag - sets bits in the field we call "mc flags", this is stored in the creature at offset 0x10

it is possible to add other flags, like (NO_CORPSE) to the ids file - but the original mc flags are mostly useless in iwd2.

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WaitAnimation actually waits if the target is in the specified stance (what we already have in gemrb). An example from Phaen, where it is extra clear:












Don't start a new casting before the last one is finished (or the actor is moving before starting the cast). Otherwise, the wait blocks his whole script eventually.

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