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Testing bonded Xan for ToB and Xan's Friendship for BG:EE


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It seems it's Xan's month for me: a few days ago I finished Xan's bonded path for ToB, and now Kaeloree(three cheers!) provided me with a coded copy of Xan's BG1 friendship for BG:EE.


For Xan's BG1 friendship, it's very easy: if you're a BG:EE player, download it here: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,28299.new.html

Read the instructions, install it, play it, enjoy it and see if it works.


For Xan's bonded path for ToB(and new content for SoA, naturally) it's even easier: PM me if you want to playtest it, and I'll send you the link. Every piece of new content's been tested by me, so it should be working - I'm looking for reports on whether I'm missing anything. Maybe it's your chance to add a dialogue or two, if you're a Xan fan. :)

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