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DR Suggestion

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This might be a modding nightmare but I feel that early game Heavy Armor in this mod is a bit underpowered as avoidance early on far outweights resistances.


I don't know if it is possible to implement this but...would a flat damage reduction (DR) system work? This exists a bit in the PnP. You of course have to be careful with it but a flat 5 DR on heavy armor would go a long way in improving the early game viability of heavy armor. This would also help vs the death by a 1,000 xvart knifes someone else mentioned. Which btw, sucks. Those guys should be worth way more than 15 exp with this mod installed.


I think you would still want to keep the % damage reduction but simply reduce it a bit and give some DR. That's my theory.


Just a thought.

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I think it is only possible to implement Damage Resistance (as in Fallout 3), not Damage Threshold (as in Fallout New Vegas). That said, the point is a good one: Splint Mail vs. Ogre (or anyone using a blunt weapon) = chunked in the early game. That's why I think the mod needs 1] higher resistances for heavier armor, and 2] less difference between damage types.

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Flat DR is only possible in the IWD2 engine. See the FAQ.

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