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New BG2 NPC - Lena

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UPDATE 26 OCTOBER 2018: v0.8 added to git

Download links
v0.4.1 : fixed a setup issue with unused area macro
from my host, v0.4.1

v0.7 : a lot of scripting changes, also Lena got stronger (raised to 16 from 13)

from my host, v7.0


v0.8 : now in git, supposed to support EE/EET, https://github.com/gungorenu/bg2-npcmod-lena



Anyone wants to take over the mod? Be my guess, it is all yours!

Finally I can release my first NPC mod as its SoA part is %99 complete (in beta stage still, looking for better lines and fixing typos).

Anyone wanna try and play with some evil warrior? check this out, you might like this.

As it is my first mod expect some mistakes or typos, will try to fix them if you can point out where they are. I am not natural english speaker so some of the "lines" might look weird, blame google translate, not me smile.png

Here is some basic info before installing this crap into your game, detailed info is in the zip file including spoilers:

Lena is an evil aligned warrior tiefling who can join protagonist's cause and help for his/her problems (romancable).

Lena approaches protagonist with an offer, actually a service s/he is about to do. Is she trustable? Does she plot something? Is protagonist sane enough to accept an offer from a tiefling in hell? Can her heart be the one protagonist looking for, "literally"?

Stats: 13 19 9 14 11 16 (total 82), Tiefling, pure Fighter with "Tempest" kit, focuses on Bastard Sword, Crossbow, Flail and Single Weapon Fighting Style.
Racial Traits: %50 Cold & Cold Damage resistance

If you think I or you can improve this mod, let me know how.


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Oh, quite surprising!


If you are afraid that something mas seem strange (in the text) maybe you should ask for some additional proofreading? :) I really understand what you mean as I'm not native English speaker myself and it takes me much more to release a mod :) I think you should present the character a bit more and ask for help here.


Another thing is...are you sure that there can't be any content for good NPCs? Maybe they could join, but she would have less talks, no romance and would leave is reputation hit 16 or 15. Restriction would be harsher than with other NPCs and it would be possible for some players to join Lena.


I think you should also ask for voicing over here.


Not sure about the portraits as most players know these were made for PS:T and Valen from NWN. You can try asking for the portraits in the same place as for voicing.


And it's really nice to see another poject getting done! :)

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a long time have passed since I last opened BG... really looong...


not that I have abandoned the mod, it really takes more than time to invest more on it at the moment. I have to play TOB to get it finished but priorities keep me away...


thanks for the reply Lava, I appreciate it. a few minor details maybe I can respond:


* proofreading & voice, I decided to make it after TOB part where no more writing would be necessary. as TOB is incomplete, I will wait for it. for voice same reason, after TOB it will be maybe. Also I need to learn how to implement in scripts :D


* good PCs, I thought on that A LOT, but decided this way. game forces way more if you consider all other NPCs (I had different Ideas, the duel would have different meaning:D ). I hate how Edwin & Valygar or Minsc & Edwin (or others I have not encountered) end up. I wanted to know if they will fight or not "ever" before I take them into my party, buffing my chars for a dragon fight or in the middle of brynlaw where I cannot replace NPCs. A bit harsh for good PCs? maybe yes, but there are many good NPCs around who does not get along with evil chars, why forcing them in same party. my sunday session pen-n-paper DM would throw me out of window if I wanted to play an assassin in a good group with paladins and good clerics :) Summary, I wanted it this way.


* portraits. to be honest I dont care who I see at the portrait screen. All I wanted to see is a redhead hot tiefling :D I searched for it and found a portrait dedicated for another game NPC WHICH is not used elsewhere, even unofficially. I simply dont care if it is Anna's portrait or not. I always use Valen (from NWN) or Dante (from DMC) portraits for me male chars, these portraits do not make my chars Valen or Dante. There will always be "this is from X" comment unless you draw it by yourself. I wish I could draw something good, I can barely make a circle and square on the same paper :D


* familiar names/faces, I think it should not be a problem, such things are at fantasy based stuff. they are at creators/modders/writers disposal, are not they? you can replace the portraits and names without any effort. (mod is TRA based so a simple "replace" in notepad) if those things disturb you. I did not mean to violate any copyright also.


well, I wrote long enough for know :) maybe later I will add some other things regarding this mod.


I hope to make and improve it worthwhile but originality is not something I care much for this mod, I think you understood it already. Only thing I wanted is to have an evil char for my evil SOA parties, that's it.



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I will help with proofreading and with testing the mod under Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.11) on my ancient Mac (PowerPC, from the Dark Ages before Intel chips were used in Macs ;) ), if you like.


A suggestion: fighters need good CON, but a score of 9 is a big liability for a fighter. Something to consider. Who cares what the ability scores total out to? ;)

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due to setup error it does not install, just comment the line 23 of setup file. i will update the setup file this weekend.



@ericp07: thanks, let me know if you encounter anything weird about the mod. about proofreading, it is up to you. i appreciate if you do though :)

I think a fighter does not need very high constitution to be effective, she does not need to be melee warrior anyway. she would be overpowered with stat enhancing items so decided this way, not everyone installs item revisions also. her kit gives some defensive and offensive abilities to even.


@Smiling Imp: thanks, let me know if you encounter anything weird about the mod.


@DocRoberts: seems like I mixed the "development" and "released" versions a bit :)


open "setup-lena.tp2" file with notepad, get to line 23, it should be like this:


INCLUDE ~Lena\Utils\Q_AREMacros.tph~


make it


// INCLUDE ~Lena\Utils\Q_AREMacros.tph~


put // at the start of line and try again? it worked on my pc after update, that file is not used anymore and setup should be ok. thanks for noticing.

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High CON isn't needed, but Fighters get extra HP per HD with a higher score, and more HP = more survivable. That's why I mentioned it :)


Yea, I know. She is fragile as a kitten at lower levels. I just tried to create a different NPC instead of 18 in each str/dex/con stats but tried to balance her handicap with items/kit etc...


In my TOB testplay before going to balthazar she has 140hp while Sarevok has over 170hp, sarevok is maybe 5-6level lower than her. She can keep up good except a few cases (dragons/spells with massive breath dmg), still "hardiness" is a must for her with -10ac while sarevok lives with his lifestealing soulreaver.


I dont think about increasing her con but will increase her str maybe, I dont know. maybe her armor will give some extra HP, havenot decided yet, when my tob session finishes I will upgrade her stats before tob release.

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I had to shift gears, and life's turmoil got in the way to boot, but I may be able to test the mod under Windows 7 Ultimate in the near future. Trying to sort out a game-killing issue right now, which might require me to nuke and reinstall the game. Nothing is ever easy in my world.

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