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Summoned ghouls/ghasts owning wizards?


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It could be a result of just chance or luck while removing spell protections, but I've had two instance where the ghouls summoned by create undead absolutely obliterated fairly powerful SC2 mages. The first time was the Mage who imperiousness Hair Da Lis (sic). Literally my entire party was confused/ paralyzed/ disabled and I could do nothing. I was sitting there watching to see what he'd use to kill my guys- then the ghouls proceeded to penetrate his defenses and kill him. When I was fighting him my guys couldn't hurt him due to prot my magical weapons- it's possible it had worn off (I had very few defense breaking spells at the time) but are the ghouls attacks considered magic weapons?


Thought it was a fluke but just now the ghouls RAVAGED the Lich In the bridge district, I saw them hit him for like 14 damage. At the time I was pelting him with magical defense breakers, but my warriors were having trouble landing hits and were bitching about "weapon ineffective." Maybe his defenses got dropped and my guys were getting hits through too, I saw at least one message where Korgan had hit him- but it seemed like the ghouls were hitting successfully way more effectively.


How powerful are these bad boys?

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