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Translations of v22


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Hi DawidW. I looked at the translation folder where fhere is additional folder named EE. I assume that there should be a copy of setup.tra file with changes regarding EE inside. I noticed, though, that item descriptions have the same style of statistics block as in vanilla. Mainly, I refer to usability blocks which are handled by engine itself and are not needed in item descriptions in EE. But there are some other cosmetic changes that differentiate vanilla from EE. Do you plan to change these descriptions in English version with the upcoming release of SCS29? If so, I could also adjust Polish translation to reflect EE style. Can't tell if other translators went ahead and adjust this by themselves, but IMO this should be addressed because it kind of stands out while playing EE. Thanks in advance for understanding:)

The code in SCS should automatically strip out the "usable by" block when patching the description of an enhanced-edition item. Is this not working in Polish? (It's hard for me to test in languages I don't speak.)


Hi DawidW, thanks for SCS 29 and you wonderful support!.

I'm almost sure that this works as intended but what is the best/fastest way of checking it? Do you remember maybe an item code that would be a good example for checking?

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Thanks. The BiG World Fixpack now replaces the SCS tra files for Polish and French with the updated files linked above.


EE requires tra files encoded using the UTF-8 character set. SCS does the following (code in lib/always.tph) for GAME_IS ~bgee bg2ee eet~:


LOAD_TRA ~%scsroot%/tra/ee/english/english.tra~

LOAD_TRA ~%scsroot%/tra/ee/%LANGUAGE%/%LANGUAGE%.tra~


The Polish translation included both ANSI and UTF-8 tra files. The French translation only included ANSI tra files.


Therefore, I made copies of the ANSI tra files in the french translation, converted them to UTF-8 and placed them in the tra/ee/french folder.

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