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Party members are speaking instead of the PC? Is this a feature?


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First, let me say that this is one of the best mods I've found for BG1. Many romance/quest mods are generally poorly written (and read like something from fanfiction.net), but I really enjoyed the banter between party members and the little dialogue injections that breathe life into the game. Great work. :) I do have one concern, though.


Before I installed bg1npc, I could have sworn that whenever an NPC initiated dialogue with my party, the PC would always be the one who spoke. i.e. Even if the NPC was talking to another party member on-screen, the dialogue box would show my PC as the speaker.


But since I've installed this mod, it seems that this is no longer the case. I can control my party members and "make" them talk to others, and their name (rather than the PC's) will show up in the dialogue box with the appropriate dialogue selections.


I just have to ask, is this an intended feature? Because it becomes really immersion-breaking sometimes, like when an NPC comes up to my party (and Jaheira happens to be standing in front), and she makes dialogue responses as if she's one of the Bhaalspawn.


Not to mention that the character I'm RPing is an evil, narcissistic psychopath, and would never "allow" her party members to speak on her behalf.

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Welcome to G3!


Yes, this is BG2 engine for you. NWN engine, for example, only allows your PC to speak(NWN, KOTOR). In BG engine you can choose your party member with the highest charisma to talk to the quest-giver to get a higher reward, or to get better prices from a merchant.


To make sure your PC is addressed like 98% of the time, try using a party formation that keeps your PC in front, or/and equip speed-enhancing items.



And, hey, these days "something from fanfiction.net" is a compliment:

Harry Potter: http://www.fanfictio...-of-Rationality

Mass Effect: http://www.fanfictio...und_the_Clarion

Dragon Age: http://www.fanfictio.../What-We-Become


Baldur's Gate: http://www.fanfictio...nt-of-Substance

And these are only some of my personal favorites, me being a fan of romances and all.

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Thank you for addressing my concerns! guess it was just a case of confirmation bias. I didn't realize that NPCs had always been addressing my party members, even before I installed the mod.



I'll admit I don't visit FF.net very often, but back in the day, the few times I've forayed its murky depths left me feeling disoriented and disturbed. Probably because I stumbled into the wrong part of the neighbourhood, where all the Mary Sue self-insertion fics hang out. :p Maybe times have changed.

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Probably not, but there's an iron rule of the universe that if you consider all art created by human kind, 95% of it is probably crap.


Obviously, this means that at most 5% of Fan Fiction is going to be decent.


Honestly I've been kicking around an idea called Rough Tide, one of the many non-mission planets in Mass Effect, where it would be a future noir murder mystery/seedy underbelly story featuring a drug addled salarian burnout (he's probably about as smart as most humans but a virtual dullard in salarian society) and a devious elcor (seriously, where are the lying elcors? It would be so easy! "Honestly: I am not trying to set you up.")


Of course I could also use this idea in my own universe but then I'd be denied the luxury of using races like salarians and elcor and bumbling hanar administrators.


I mean, Fan Fiction as a concept isn't bad (No matter what George RR Martin thinks): writing your own stories set in a universe that you enjoy. but yes most of the time it's amateurish, contains mary sues, and at worst is just badly written pornography. Of course, like I said, I think 95% of "real" fiction is total garbage, just look at the capsules for most of the best seller list.

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