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bugs: Korgan is blind and other weirdness

Bernard Black

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So, not sure if this is the right space to put this because it's a general query but I'm having some issues with Korgan for some reason.


I have BGT installed, as well as Divine Remix, the Tyris NPC, the Coran 1 day NPC, i installed and then uninstalled BG1 NPC pack and a installed a limited selection of fixes from the fixpack, including making Korgan NE and Jaheira NG.


Now then, when I installed the fixpack, Korgan and Jaheira were in my party and it did nothing to fix their alignments. So I went in though Shadowkeeper to fix them that way, and while Jaheira had no issues...anything I do to the save file will "kill" Korgan, or render him permenantly unconcious as well as take away his Berzerker kit. In fact, if I load my save file, Korgan's berzerker kit is not recognized by Shadowkeeper. So I tried to forget about it and just accept him as a slavering Chaotic Evil character, but now that I'm actually dungeon crawling with him...he can't see. Yes. Really. I walk down corridors and the Fog of War and the LoS doesn't recognize, as if he's not actually there. It works fine with all other characters but I'm sure I'm not the only person who uses Korgan to reveal areas so mobs target him first.


I'm gonna try and work around this by fixing him up in Shadowkeeper and giving a scroll of Resurrection to use on him once he's dead, and perhaps that will fix it but I'm not really sure. It's certainly strange.


I'd appreciate the help, and later I'll split your gut open. Heh.

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