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Crash after Character Creation


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I just wanted some help on using GemRB on Mac for bg2. I have it running up to character creation but after i fill out everything, it seg faults all the time. I have a save from crossover and if I load that it seems to run fine (The save is at the beginning of irenicus's dungeon). I included my cfg and log file hopefully to get some help. I know that it isn't fully supported on OSx, and I could get around it with using the save file, but I just want to see if anything can be done.


I am using the GOG version of BG2 complete





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Multiplayer mode was not functional the last time I tried it.

You may have been trying to create a character file in a write-protected folder, on Windows 7 I hear that this can be a real hassle with the entire Program Files directory.

Mods can really mess things up.

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hmm yea it maybe a mod or something wrong with the folder, since I just tried with iwd2 and that seems to work. Just gotta get around the blue screen bug.


there is no "blue screen bug". if you get a bluescreen you are missing resources or do not have all your data paths setup correctly. GOG games seem to need GamePath + data added as a CD path; see the FAP

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The only fishy part in the log is this line: [Control/WARNING]: Trying to modify invalid flag ffdfffff on control 1 (opcode 1)

This should be a bug on our side.


Could you please post a long snippet from the end of the log too? The beginning looks nice, it seems all paths are configured (cd6 is not needed).

Maybe replace cd6 with the real gamepath+data as SyntaxError noted in the previous post:


CD6=/Users/Irfaan/Applications/Baldurs Gate II/data

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