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PPG: Icewind Dale NPCs for IWD and IWD_in_BG2, v3

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The Icewind Dale NPCs mod introduces a cast of five new characters to the great frozen wastes of the Forgotten Realms, with all the depth you would expect from PPG companions. The mod will transform the Icewind Dale experience into the story of a single, player-defined protagonist, and his or her fully-interactive allies.


The IWD NPCs includes a fighter, ranger, multi-classed thief, paladin, and bard. Alternate classes are also available. Each character comes with a new, original portrait, full voicing, interactions with the PC and each other, and quest commentary and interjections. Romance is also in the bitterly cold air...


New in Version 3:

- Fixed a number of typos

- Teri's dialogue in the Mead Hall triggers correctly, even if the Seer's been killed earlier

- Korin's first interjection for Arundel works without Teri in party now

- Teri no longer mentions Severn in Dorn's Deep if he's not in party

- Holvir now has a crossbow proficiency(non-Cavalier for IWD-in-BG2), and Nella's longsword proficiency has been replaced with a club one(fighter and fighter/druid)

- Updated to WeiDU 231

- Minor corrections


Learn more about the mod and download version 3

View the Readme

Visit the forum

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