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Is there a mod that doesn't take "line of sight" into account for firing NPC dialogue / quest interjections?


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To clarify, there are many instances in BG2 where my party members will be in another room when I talk to an NPC, and since they don't have "line of sight" to the NPC, their quest interjections don't fire.


I can't remember if this was ever a problem in BG1 - I don't think so, because I remember being able to leave my NPCs in one corner of the map while I sent one person to talk to questgivers, and they would still chime in (I was using BGT and the BG1NPC mod). Which was a bit unrealistic, but at least I got to see the dialogue.


In BG2, there are so many instances where NPCs will start talking to you as soon as you walk into the room - and if your other party members just happen to be stuck in the doorway, they won't say anything. It's really irritating, and I feel like it's something that could be easily fixed.


edit: gah, never mind, I found the answer to my own question. BG2Tweaks apparently has a component that does exactly this.

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