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Trouble on OS X 10.8.3


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I'm having some trouble installing this mod for PS:T on an iMac. I know it isn't supported for Macs, but I'm running Wineskin here and all previous mods (tweaks, the fix pack, and unfinished business) have installed fine, and the game is running fine at its original resolution.


I've been following the instructions at Command Control Escape. When I run widescreen-v3.05.exe in this way, it appears to install fine via its GUI, but after install it just kind of hangs there. I have to quit Wineskin manually, and PS:T doesn't then run in widescreen.


Moreover, when I try to install the UI mod, it doesn't recognize any widescreen mod having been installed.


Does any one have pointers on what may be going on? Thank you.


ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB

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widescreen-v3.05.exe is a self-extracting archive containing the installer and some commands to run it. The installer is setup-widescreen.exe, and that is what the guide mentions running.


The WeiDU.log file in your game directory will tell you what mods are currently installed. SETUP-WIDESCREEN.DEBUG will contain information from the last time setup-widescreen.exe was run, including any errors encountered during installation.

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Wow, kind of feel a little slow. I had simply forgotten to run setup-widescreen.exe. Once I did so it installed fine as did the UI mod. Thank you for your help.


However, I've run into a second problem. I attempted to re-install the setup-widescreen.exe in order to adjust the resolution. However I seem to be getting a WeiDU update notice, see below from SETUP-WIDESCREEN.DEBUG:



WeiDU v 22900 Log


C:\GOG Games\Planescape Torment\setup-widescreen.exe

version = 23100

Newest WeiDU is version 23100, updating!

WeiDU files in version order:

[setup-PST-UB.exe] version 23100

[setup-PST-Tweak.exe] version 23100

[setup-PST-Fix.exe] version 23100

[setup-GhostDog's-PST-UI.exe] version 23100

[setup-ddrawfix.exe] version 23100

[setup-widescreen.exe] version 22900

[setup-PST-UB.exe] loaded, 695296 bytes

Copying [setup-PST-UB.exe] -> [setup-widescreen.exe]: false


I've also linked to the console output: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hejf74iqc3atzh0/weidu-error.png


It appears WeiDU wants to autoupdate but hangs? I'm unclear on how to proceed - I just need to change the resolution. Thank you.

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All the exe-files listed are duplicates of the same file but with different names. Just make a copy of one of the version 23100 files and rename it setup-widescreen.exe. Replace the old setup-widescreen.exe with this.

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