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Party for (with!) Aran


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We all know Aran can be anything your party needs, but I'm more interested in his interactions with other NPCs. Does he have the same number of banters with every Bioware NPC? Mod NPCs? Any interactions you'd particularly recommend? I've played the game to death so I like a chatty group. :) My only 'must' is Imoen past Spellhold.

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ToB Banter:


/* ToB Banters: Aran > Aerie : Keeping Secrets Secret While Glowing */

/* ToB Banters: Aran > [ Aerie OR Jaheira OR Nalia OR Mazzy OR Keldorn ] : Tell Her */

/* ToB Banters: Aran > Nalia : Social Justice */

/* ToB Banters: Aran > Sarevok : Trust Is Immaterial */

/* ToB Banters: Aran > Valygar : Classic Eye of the Beholder */

/* ToB Banters: Aran > Haer'Dalis : Stop Writing Fanfic */

/* ToB Banters: Aran > Jaheira Back in The Day : Romanceables */

/* ToB Banters: Aran > Jaheira Back in The Day : Non-Romanceables */



SoA Banter:


/* SoA Banters: Anomen > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Anomen */

/* SoA Banters: Aerie > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Aerie */

/* SoA Banters: Cernd > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Cernd */

/* SoA Banters: Edwin > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Edwin */

/* SoA Banters: HaerDalis > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > HaerDalis */

/* SoA Banters: Jaheira > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Jaheira */

/* SoA Banters: Jan > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Jan */

/* SoA Banters: Keldorn > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Keldorn */

/* SoA Banters: Korgan > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Korgan */

/* SoA Banters: Mazzy > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Mazzy */

/* SoA Banters: Minsc > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Minsc */

/* SoA Banters: Nalia > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Nalia */

/* SoA Banters: Valygar > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Valygar */

/* SoA Banters: Viconia > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Viconia */

/* SoA Banters: Yoshimo > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Yoshimo */

/* SoA Banters: Imoen2 > Aran */

/* SoA Banters: Aran > Imoen2 */

/* SoA Plot Banter : Aran > Edwin : Edwin's R E S P E C T - back as a man. */

/* SoA Scenery Banter : Embarrassing Things Aran > PC Ideas from Petals And Thorns Folks: "I always wondered why no PC ever really embarrassed themselves with their love interest... with all the packing they must do, it's amazing no PC has accidentally left something private or incriminating out which was then found by another party member" */

/* SoA Scenery Banter : Embarrassing Things PC > Aran : The Letter Drop, Overused Tropes and Idioms in Plot Development, 101 *//



If the follow on "Aran Aware" mod is put after all other NPC mods, the following are added, too -


Laufey's Edwin Romance (one interjection in a conflict between Edwin and Anomen)



Angelo (two banters in SoA, two in ToB)

"authorized", by Sister Vigilante and cmorgan; sound clips by Sister Vigilante


Kivan (two banters in SoA) - "authorized" and "unauthorized"

one by Domi and cmorgan, another by cmorgan (and hopefully she will ok it when she has the chance).


Saerileth (three banters and one comment in SoA)

"unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Netharin/Sillara


Tashia Remix, by Michael "Arian" Lyashenko, Bri, and Lord Ernie (two banters in SoA, two in ToB)

"unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Bri, Lord Ernie, or the original author, Michael "Arian" Lyashenko


Tsujatha NPC MOD For Baldur’s Gate 2 (TOB Required) by Sillara of the Tamari (two banters in SoA)

"unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Sillara


Solaufein Romance Mod Pack, by Westley Weimer (two banters in SoA)

"unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Westley Weimer


Gavin, by Berelinde (two banters in SoA, one ICT3)

"authorized", by berelinde and cmorgan.


Skie BG2, Lava Del'Vortel (one banter in SoA)

by Lava Del'Vortel, with edits by cmorgan


Arath, by K'aeloree ( two banters in SoA )

by K'aeloree and cmorgan


Ninde, by Deva and Rhaella (5 SoA banters, 2 ToB banters)

by Rhaella and cmorgan


Adrian, by Rhaella (5 SoA banters)

by Rhaella and cmorgan


still cleaning up :






As for party composition, I don't really know - there are major attempts to reference other party memers using Player2, et al - meaning that during conversation, PC can say something like


"Hey - Doris the Dwarven Deathmistress seems to be handling things better than you"


when the NPC or multiplayer PC not in the Protagonist slot has named their character Doris the Dwarven Deathmistress. Plus NPCs that try to initiate conversation get a customized response (at least for a huge number of existing NPC mods). And some sidecommentary, as well.


The goal was to have a player be able to have an immersed NPC, but we will see how that really works out. Scenic "padding" for immersion does not often work in a novel or screenplay. I like Aaron Sorkin and Joss Whedon - I like the way they create the illusion of a larger universe by adding irrelevant banter byplay. But we'll see if that kind of thinking ends up being something folks besides me like about this attempt.



Although the whole "adult content possibilites for female PCs who romance Aran" has been where immense amounts of time has been spent trying to make it ok, for me, I like the non-romance path with a male PC. Aran is build for multiple playthroughs - his reactions differ slightly from game to game, and having him with an evil party or with a good party or anything in-between should give players more than enough stuff that is new. And if you find him too chatty - talk to him via PID, and tell him to do what you want, whether that is "you are creepy and you show me romance stuff I don't want, so I am breaking up with you", or "hold still -I am going to execute you now", or "hey, shut up on the commentary and only talk when you absolutely have to", or even "heya, let's go kiss or something" (though that last should not show up if PC is a male, or a female wearing the Girlde of gender bending - too much of the descriptions and interactions on the romance side don't translate well without PC being female in form, and too many thigs can go haywire when PC is temporarily female. I do have a line or two in there that recognizes a male PC flipping genders, but the romance stuff is shielded from that kind of bug report, hopefully).

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