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bg2 galaxynote 2 blue screen


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Hello all! I really need your help. Im in the military and will be going on a long deployment and would like to plat bg2 while im out. I have been learning about gemrb for sometime now and got thr full bg2 to work. Only issue is that the game freezes up after character creation due to a blue screen with the icons around it. I have tried to play the expansion of bg2 and it works great. Im trying to load a saved game up past the first area in the game as I heard that that fixed one guys issue. The demo worked great. Any help out be good. I used the retail version of the game with all the cds. I can only think that I missed a step in copyin over the files. I did this number of times to make sure I didnt do anything wrong, and the expansion works..


I only have tell about 10 tonight and then im out of luck.


Thanks for your help

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Assuming /xbg2x/ is your dir..


Go into your "xbg2x/data" folder and find the "xbg2x/data/data" folder. Copy all of the "xbg2x/data/data" files into the first "xbg2x/data folder".


Copy the files from "xbg2x/data/movies" and move them into the main "xbg2x/movies" folder.


Thats what fixed me blue screen issue. Sorry if ir doesnt make much sense. I'm not good at explaining computer things.

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