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Multiple Configuration Files

Ishad Nha

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You can have separate gemrb.cfg files, one for each game. Each file has an appropriate prefix, Game Type [string]:








There is only one such file in the main game directory at a time, this file tells GemRB what game is to be loaded, as is the case now.

As they now have different names, unused cfg files can all be stored in the same "doc" sub-folder. To have Gem play a different IE game replace the gemrb.cfg file in the main directory with the cfg file for the game concerned. For example if you are playing BG2 and want to play IWD2 instead, just switch the two cfg files.

Appropriate, generic, cfg files for each game can be shipped with GemRB. Player may need or want to update the information in a cfg file so it reflects his/her own installation.

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You don't need to rename or move the config files, as you can tell gemrb which to load by using -c path/to/config. Or if you have them in the same dir, you can also run gemrb as the name of the config to run (./pst will try to read pst.cfg).

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