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Portraits of the Protagonist

Miss Jade

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It's very interesting. You could also make a portrait pack(with M and S versions) - from what I know, it requires very little modding at all.


EDIT: Almost forgot - added to the modlist/to portrait sites.

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Hooray for beautiful portraits! These are by far some of the best I've seen, and I've scoured the 'net for portraits (I'm a fiend for high quality fantasy artwork, and very unforgiving particular, for better and for worse). I highly second Kulyok's suggestion to make a portrait pack. In the case of PotP, you might include H versions, as well as M and S, as that would be appropriate, and a simple matter of resizing the M portraits if you don't already have larger versions.


Fantastic work! :)

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Thanks for adding this to your mods list!

And thank you for the compliment!


I've been wrestling with turning this into a mod for some time now. It's just funny because once I thought I might go down that path, they announced that BGEE wouldn't share the same L and S sizes as the original game (Just the 210x330) and I was like "NOOOOOOoooooo!".

I figure since I have a buttload more portraits to do, it'll give me time to think if I want to resize them for BG1, 2 and BGEE. Or more like if I feel like doing that once I'm done.

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Added up the last of the Bards! Next Sunday will be the start of the Barbarians.


These portraits are almost too beautiful, if that's possible :) Exquisite detail! Have you ever given any thought to making portraits where the character is seen from the waist up, as opposed to a head-and-shoulders shot, for the largest size portraits (330x210)? That would be cool on a galactic scale ;)

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Thank you once again for the compliment!


Regarding the waist on up for the portraits: no that won't be found in this portrait pack. That's only because I wanted them to be all shoulders on up so I could really focus on the face. That to me was just something I thought was really important.

But since I have the shop on my site, someone could easily request for waist on up.

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