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G3: Version 10 of the Baldur's Gate II Fixpack Released

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The Gibberlings Three


The BG2 Fixpack is a WeiDU compilation of fixes for Baldur's Gate II. This collaborative effort, including the work of modders from several different modding communities, has been the definitive compilation of fixes to supplement the official patches since its initial relase in 2006 and includes all of the fixes addressed by previous efforts such as Baldurdash (including the Game Text Update) plus several hundred more.


Version 10 is a major update, encompassing nearly three years of work since the v9 release, much of it thanks to the efforts of Wisp and aVENGER. Numerous fixes have been added, many fixes have passed their required field testing and moved from the BETA Fixes to the Core, and the documentation has been completely revamped.


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