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Version 10 of the Baldur's Gate II Fixpack Released

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The BG2 Fixpack is a WeiDU compilation of fixes for Baldur's Gate II. This collaborative effort, including the work of modders from several different modding communities, has been the definitive compilation of fixes to supplement the official patches since its initial relase in 2006 and includes all of the fixes addressed by previous efforts such as Baldurdash (including the Game Text Update) plus several hundred more.


Version 10 is a major update, encompassing nearly three years of work since the v9 release, much of it thanks to the efforts of Wisp and aVENGER. Numerous fixes have been added, many fixes have passed their required field testing and moved from the BETA Fixes to the Core, and the documentation has been completely revamped.


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v10 Changelog

  • Version 10 was put together with the hard work of aVENGER and Wisp and is a major update
  • Added Chinese (traditional and simplified) translation, thanks good0593!
  • Game Text Update: GTU Light has been updated with the latest from Wisp
  • The Super Happy Fun Lucky Modder Pack was deprecated due to a lack of interest. Modders who are interested in using anything from it can find the contents in the library modder.tpa in the lib folder.
  • Fixed a bug with the Optional But Cool: Cromwell's Forging Actually Takes a Day component not playing nice with others
  • Fixed a bug with Optional But Cool: Bard Song Fixes where the blade and regular bard songs were swapped
  • Optional But Cool: Improved Spell Animations now changes Errard's divination spell to use a divination casting graphic
  • Optional But Cool: Mixed-Use Dagger Fixes no longer changes Firetooth's damage
  • Fixed a bug that prevented BETA Core Fixes from installing without ToB
  • Documentation was completely reworked, with an eye to making the changes more understandable to players:
    • Players no longer have to wade through all tedious file names and notes for modders (these are still available for modders, though)
    • Core Fixes and BETA Core Fixes have been combined into a single document
    • Overall efforts have been made to make the descriptions a lot more player-friendly
    • Wherever possible, bugfixes have been consolidated for brevity and concision, even though this means the loss of such great fix titles as You Can't Hope to Stop Habib, You Can Only Hope to Contain Him

    • The BG2 Fixpack Gallery has been restored so players can see some of the visual fixes
    • Fixes from v9 were never documented

    [*]The following changes were made to the Core Fixes component:

    • Several fixes had been lingering, some for years, in the Core Fixes BETA component and have finally been promoted into the Core Fixes
    • The range and magic resistance fixes for Detect Evil were erroneously changing Moon Dog Sight to affect party-only
    • Elven and Half-Elven Resistance to Sleep and Charm was being a little too generous with its protection, i.e. it no longer protects against psionics
    • The secondary spells created in Blade Spin Fixes no longer create spurious messages in the feedback window
    • Closed an exploit that allowed the player to bypass most of the City of Caverns plot
    • The Incorrect Lines in Dialogues no longer destructively patches player1.dlg and instead plays nicely with others
    • Getting Gaal to take the rift part as part of the Unseeing Eye XP Exploit, Quest Breakage fix was causing additional issues and was rolled back
    • Duplicate Stores was not actually accounting for all duplicate gem bags
    • Clearing out Flydian after Trademeet was saved was inexplicably causing crashes on SoA-only games
    • The Brynnlaw Vampire Attack May Prevent Quest From Advancing fix was causing some issues with Saemon and has been revised
    • Dialogues looking for Faldorn's death variable are corrected
    • The Staff of the Magi Errors fix was removing the Protection from Evil icon in the course of its repairs
    • The Azuredge Axe Corrupted, Other Errors fix was redone to really, really fix it this time, honest
    • The 'touched up' icon introduced for the Borok's Fist had a pink shadow; the icon that ships with BG2 is now used instead
    • The Emphatic Manifestation is no longer changed to demonic as part of the creature racial fixes
    • English sounds were being restored in non-English games
    • Spell Thrust was dropped from the Items and Spells vs. Spell Protections fix as it was unnecessary
    • Luck no longer stacks and now provides thieving and save bonuses
    • The string fix for Teleport Field saves is actually correct now
    • Immunities Don't Suppress All Effects was adjusted to handle poison damage; specifically most disease damage is done through poison damage so an effort was made to provide disease immunity without also granting complete poison immunity. Charm immunity now suppresses the 'Dominated' string.
    • Altered the Proper Kit Detection fix to avoid conflicts with TobEX
    • New spell scroll icons for Items With Incorrect Icons arenow taken directly from TotSC
    • After an extensive review by Wisp, many more item weights and weapon speeds have been corrected
    • The Elhan's Elves Turning Hostile (And Not) Inappropriately fix is altered to be closer to intended behavior
    • Corrections to Item Usabilities was allowing monks access to the mage scroll for Remove Curse
    • The Chant and Grease fixes were misindexing the resulting files
    • The Otiluke's Resilient Sphere Fixes was misindexing the spell
    • Tightened up code for the Protection From Fire and Protection From Cold fixes to make it more robust
    • The code to fix duplicate quest rewards from Garren Windspear has been made more robust
    • The damage for the Potion of Fiery Burning really is fixed now
    • While the range for Color Spray was increased, the projectile needed to be revised to actually reach 30 feet. The scroll is now left at its current (and now correct) range of 30 feet.
    • The fix for Spook to suppress the Panic string on a magic-resistant target now works
    • Defensive spin can no longer be undone by free action
    • Added secondary types for a lot more items as part of the Spells vs. Spell Protections
    • The cavalier's Resist Fear now really bypasses magic resistance
    • Chromatic Orb was supposed to cause blindness at level one
    • Torgal's revived form now has the same immunities as she did originally
    • Patches for three EFF files as part of the Common Spell Fix Roundup were not working
    • Damage for Holy Smite/Unholy Blight was incorrect
    • At level one Protection from Evil wasn't making armor glow
    • Adjusted some abilities for cursed scrolls (mainly portrait icons)
    • Enemy-only summons retain their XP values
    • More usability fixes for the Corthala Family Armor, Ankheg Plate, Red Dragon Scale, White Dragon Scale, and Blue Dragon Plate
    • After some review, it was determined that Neb is actually a gnome, not a dwarf, so this fix was reverted
    • Rather than dumping spares into the override, we now remove corrupted items directly from the key
    • Spellcasting via Rings of Air/Earth/Fire Control lacked the fixes applied to the underlying spells
    • Adratha will no longer act surprised when you attack her when she's already hostile

    [*]The following changes were made to the BETA Core Fixes component:

    • Due to a typo, undead were immune to lightning instead of hold person
    • Illusionary werewolves could still cause damage to characters wielding ranged weapons
    • Yet more trolls needed fixing in their knock down/get up shenanigans
    • Beneficial effects of the Deck of Many Things could fail due to power issues or magic resistance
    • Fixed area script loops at Spellhold and the Temple of Talos
    • Cosmetic effects from the death of some creatures could fail due to the wrong scripting action
    • Kruin would immediately respawn if you killed him without allowing him to talk
    • Keldorn re-joining was using the wrong variable due to a typo
    • Duplicate PartyResed() triggers prevented banters from Aerie and Haer'Dalis
    • Fixed additional issue in the scripting actions and actsleep lists
    • Several traps that cast spells were ignoring magic resistance
    • Mordenkainen's Swords could lose their immunity to mind-based attacks if hit by Dispel Magic; also fixed a bug with the Intelligence Drained patch that could misindex the files
    • Keldorn's armor could lose some of its free action effects if hit with Dispel Magic
    • Jarlaxle lacked the gold to actually reward the player the specified amount
    • Jaheira had the wrong dialogue under certain conditions if the player didn't follow her back to the Harper Hold
    • Secret Word can no take down a Globe of Invulnerability, per its description
    • Party orientation fixed when entering Cayia's house in Brynnlaw
    • The glabrezus in the ranger stronghold quest and in the Suldanessalar temple now give XP
    • Storm of Vengeance was not displaying the proper portrait icon on victims
    • Dagger of Venom now has a proper icon and enchantment levels
    • Inquisitors were getting immunity to charm at level two instead of level one
    • Elves, half-elves, and halflings now get their proper thieving racial skill bonuses
    • The lore bonuses for 15 INT/WIS are now fixed
    • Rangers had an incorrect stealth score at level two
    • Physical Mirror and the Shield of Reflection were not quite refelcting everything
    • Hendak would occassionally disappear when freeing the slaves in the Copper Coronet
    • One of the hostiles in the Planar Prison could make the actors hostile
    • Fixed a lot of creatures with the wrong soundset for their gender
    • Corrected poison damage of Asp's Nest
    • Creeping Doom's fear effect now works
    • Fixed damage, to-hit bonuses for the Flasher Master Bruiser Mates
    • Belt of Inertial Barrier now uses the right portrait icon
    • Fixed a 'No Valid Links' bug for Cernd
    • Staff of Curing now removes the icons that accompany the effects it cures
    • Root of the Problem now has a price
    • Both copies of Kreel now match in appearance
    • Romance partners no longer comment on Phaere if they weren't in the party in the Underdark
    • Tabitha's script could go bad if charmed
    • The guards near the exit of the Underdark will no longer stutter if charmed
    • Night time tile sets are restored for a couple of areas
    • You can no longer ask Roger the same questions repeatedly in the Wish quest
    • (Minor) Globes of Invulnerability no longer block summoning spells
    • Surfacer elves will no longer exit the area while other drow are still present
    • A sahuagin in one of the Pocket Plane challenges had a gnoll soundset
    • A handful of traps weren't working since they were using container scripts for ground traps or vice versa
    • Resist fear via magic flute didn't get the same fixes as the underlying spell
    • More items with dispellable effects were identified
    • The Cloak of the Wolf fix didn't work and was revised
    • Valygar won't drop his body if imprisoned
    • Major revisions and fixes to wepaons with bonuses vs. X
    • Sol's Searing Orb had issues with its blindness effects
    • Many paralyze effects were running secondary cosmetic effects run even if the paralyze didn't work
    • Undead attacks were often using the limited BG system to paralyze; some effects didn't expire correctly
    • The spinny head animation from Horror will no longer be blocked by hold immunity
    • More usability fixes for scrolls of Champion's Strength and Chaotic Commands
    • Fixed some bad cycles and other issues with tanar'ri and wyvern animations
    • Hold Animal should last two rounds/levelinstead of a flat ten rounds
    • Several bows had incorrect damage, speed, and to-hit bonuses
    • Mislead clones equipped with items that boost attacks per round will no longer be able to attack

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Hi! It's great to know you're still working to improve the Fixpack. Many thanks for that. But it would be good to know what is actually new in this release, in order to change to it from the previous version. I mean, the documentation doesn't say which fix was included in this version, and the readme only states that some fixes "were made" into the Core Fixes or Beta Core Fixes, but one could not tell which were only changing from the "grey area" to the Core area (or vice-versa), and which were actually new. So the question is: how much new fixes content are there in the new version?

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I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean, but it seems like the suggestion is that the beta core fixes are for gray area fixes. This is not the case--new fixes, by default, go into the beta core fixes component so that we can get some field testing before moving them into the mainline core fixes, allowing us to have a rolling development cycle. If they're gray area they're probably excluded outright or put into an OBC component.


Everything that had been in the v9 beta core fixes has been in the wild for at least three years so we feel pretty good moving them to core. The only thing we left out were the Saemon bits just because his apperance/disappearances are so complicated and we don't mind waiting a bit longer on it.

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So this means all the fixes said in the readme to have made into the Core aren't new ones (they were previously Beta fixes and just moved from the Beta area to the Core), while the ones made into the Beta are all new fixes not present in version 9? Can I assume that the changes from version 9 to 10 are all included as Beta?

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So this means all the fixes said in the readme to have made into the Core aren't new ones (they were previously Beta fixes and just moved from the Beta area to the Core), while the ones made into the Beta are all new fixes not present in version 9? Can I assume that the changes from version 9 to 10 are all included as Beta?

In general, yes. Changes made to the core are generally moves from beta to core, or touchups to existing core fixes.

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Just thought I'd single one of the beta fixes out...first one I looked at was Hold Animal (SPPR305.spl)


It seems like a bad bit of patching - (unless my modding skills aren't what they used to be).


The first 10 levels (or so) of the spell effects increase the minimum casting level by 5 each time, and the duration remains static.


I've attached a screenshot of what should be the spell at Cleric Level 14.


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