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Wizard eye?


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I was discovering the Firewine ruins, and my Shadowdancer was travelling from shadow to shadow, killing hordes of kobolds with flaming oil potions and occasional backstabs. When he was near the final corridor that leads to Lendarn and ogre magi, he was momentarily blocked by something invisible. I was surprised and wondered if Lendarn was spying there invisibly, and started detecting illusions. Accidentaly tapped on a corner (playing on Ipad) and the dialogue box said Wizard Eye-has nothing to say to you. There was an invisible enemy wizard eye there!! And sure enough, Lendarn came rushing a few seconds later and my guy had to hit the shadows quickly.


I've never seen this behaviour, never even suspected enemy mages using Wizard eye before, this is SCS doing, right? If it is, I am impressed sir, that's some real artificial intelligence there!

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