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Weight consistency for magically created items


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Weapons and items created magically are inconsistent in their weights. I've quoted my original bug report and research below, and my code to fix it follows.


This was actually brought up in regards to Harvey. There is some inconsistency regarding the weight of magically created weapons--most are wight 0 and some are not. This is one of those borderline bugfixes/tweaks. IMO Melf's Minute Meteors, Sol's Searing Orb and Shillegagh should not have have weight while the items generated by Enchanted Weapon should. Whether they weight zero or not, PLYFLIND, PLYSALA and PLYMSTAR should be consistent with one another at the least. Anyway, let's get some comments on the bugfix/not-a-bugfix angle.



OK, this took longer than expected. I used NI to search for all spells which magically create weapons, and then went through them to compile a list. Of the 65 or so magically created weapons that appear in the magical weapon slot, only 5 had non-zero weight:


MELFMET - Melf's Minute Meteors, 1 lb

SORB - Sol's Searing Orb, 1 lb

SHILLE - Shillegagh, 3 lbs

PLYSALA - The spear of the salamander you transform into with Polymorph Self, 1 lb

PLYMSTAR - The morningstar of the ogre you transform into with Polymorph self, 12 lbs


The last two are inconsistent with PLYFLIND, which is 0 weight and is the halberd of a flind into which you can transform with Polymorph Self. I'll leave it to your judgment if you want to include code to change those or not.


The items created in the inventory from Enchanted Weapon also have weight:


ENMACE - Mace, 7 lbs

ENMORN - Morningstar, 9 lbs

ENSTAFF - Staff, 1 lb

ENSW1H01 - Long sword, 1 lb

ENSW1H02 - Short sword, 1 lb

ENSW2H - Battle axe, 6 lbs


To fix is simple, from G3 Tweaks. BRDFLUTE is a ToB item.


COPY_EXISTING ~BOLT07.itm~   ~override~ // Jan's Flashers
             ~BRDFLUTE.itm~ ~override~ // bard flute
             ~ENMACE.itm~   ~override~ // Enchanted Weapon: Mace
             ~ENMORN.itm~   ~override~ // Enchanted Weapon: Morningstar
             ~ENSTAFF.itm~  ~override~ // Enchanted Weapon: Staff
             ~ENSW1H01.itm~ ~override~ // Enchanted Weapon: Long Sword
             ~ENSW1H02.itm~ ~override~ // Enchanted Weapon: Short Sword
             ~ENSW2H.itm~   ~override~ // Enchanted Weapon: Battle Axe
             ~MELFMET.itm~  ~override~ // Melf's Minute Meteors
             ~PLYMSTAR.itm~ ~override~ // Ogre's Morningstar from Polymorph Self
             ~PLYSALA.itm~  ~override~ // Salamander's Spear from Polymorph Self
             ~SHILLE.itm~   ~override~ // Shillegagh
             ~SORB.itm~     ~override~ // Sol's Searing Orb
             ~STARDART.itm~ ~override~ // Darts created by Cloak of the Stars

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