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Quest broken because NPC is in wrong place

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I have the Keldorn romance beta installed and also the Xan romance. Now, my problem doesn't come from the mods themselves, but I am stalled. Here's the problem -


I did one of Xan's quests and it lead to a fight. Well, one of the enemies fled into the Firecam Estate. After I went in and he went back out, apparently Peony also left.


Now, much later, I am with Keldorn and he wants to go to his Estate, but because Peony is outside, the first line fires and then nothing else because we are not inside. The camera just pans around the Govt. District, then stops forever.


Is there a way I can get Peony back inside so that Keldorn's Quest triggers as it should, or am I in a permanent state of being totally screwed? >_<

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Let's see what we can do, apart from reloading:


IESDP's area list(iesdp.gibberlings3.net) tells us that Keldorn's home is AR1003 - and when I open it in Infinity Explorer(a VERY useful program), it says that Peony has a very simple creature file: Peony.cre


So, try entering the estate and CLUAConsole Peony in:



See if it works for you.

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