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Problem installing BG2 Fixpack - Core Fixes with WeiDU v 231

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All I get during install is this.


[GPMERC.BCS.BCS] LEXER ERROR at line 1 column 0-1

Near Text: IF

invalid keyword [iF]


[GPMERC.BCS.BCS] ERROR at line 1 column 0-1

Near Text: IF


ERROR: parsing [GPMERC.BCS.BCS]: Parsing.Parse_error

ERROR: [GPMERC.BCS] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Parsing.Parse_error)

Stopping installation because of error.


ERROR Installing [bG2 Fixpack - Core Fixes], rolling back to previous state

Unable to Unlink [bg2fixpack/backup/0/OTHER.0]: Unix.Unix_error(1, "unlink", "bg2fixpack/backup/0/OTHER.0")

Will uninstall 658 files for [bG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2] component 0.


I'm hoping to instalkl this to fix a bug where I can't enter Tethir Forest, the Small Teeth Pass and the North Forest. The game just blackscreens and nothing happens.

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Hmm, check that the archive was not destroyed while it was downloaded, by redownloading it and the running it without your Virus protection program on.


If the archive was not destroyed....

What's your operation stystem ? And if it's Windows, then what's your non-Unicode codepage set at ? To find the number for that you just follow this in windows:

* Start ->

* Control Panel ->

* Regional and Language Settings in Classic View OR:

Clock, Language and Region -> Region and Languages, in the fancy view ->

* Click on the Advanced or Administrative tab ->

* Then where it talks about non-Unicode programs, change the language at which point it will dhow you to what it's set... We use the 1252(English/United States) mostly, and we don't get this error.

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This is neither a problem with the Fixpack nor with what charset is being used. If I were to hazard a guess, you have other mods installed, and one of them is bugged and is leaving BCS files in the override with the content of BAF files (something that typically happens with sloppy use of DECOMPILE_BCS_TO_BAF). You can try opening "override/gpmerc.bcs" as a text file. If that works, it's bugged.


Incidentally, the Fixpack needs to be installed before most other mods.

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Ah okay, thanks. Yeah, it is for a save game. I'm on my way to the elven city after beating Bodhi, but the game stops when Elhan teleports or when I try to enter Tethir forest manually. This also happens when I trys to enter the Small Teeth Pass.

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