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Jaemal and Valeero keep leaving the party in chapter 6


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Hello, I am playing IWD2, the GoG version on Win 7 with only this mod installed. Chapters 1-5 went well and I have been enjoying it very much.


My party is: Main character Male paladin, Rizdaer, Valeero, Nikosh, Diriel and Jaemal.


In the Severed Hand on level 3 when I fight the demon party that is at the beginning, Valeero and Jaemal both teleport out, leaving me their things and leave. This happens when I involve either of them in combat, either have them cast a spell or attack. I managed to get through that fight without using these two, but then in the next fight with some fighters it happened again.


Is this a mod feature I have managed to miss somehow or is it a bug?


I have romanced Jaemal successfully afaik considering he flirts a lot and says nice things and I have been fairly good-aligned with how I solve quests.


I know this mod isn't supported anymore, but I do not really know what to do and I would like to be able to finish the game without dropping either of them considering how far along I am and how essential they are to my party. I also read through the mod forum to see if anyone else has had the same problem, but I seem to be the first one.

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IIRC that is a default behavoir if a friendly attacks a party member if charmed/confused etc. If you run AI, try disabling it. If all else fails, you can re-summon the characters via the party interface menu.

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