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GemRB 0.8.0 released! (Fork Me edition)

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github is the right place for the code, yes. The android build was much simplified since, at least for unix-like systems — see the android/ folder and it's README. There's a script now to download and build the dependencies. SDL2 is still fetched from their bleeding edge, but in case that turns out to be a problem, we can fix it as it happens. Other dependencies are stable.


Thanks! My tablet is going in for warranty work soon, so I'll play around with it in the interum.

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It would probably be for the best if we could release a build soon, before Beholder and I merge in our massive change sets. I'm sure that something will break when we do (my branch is something like 200 commits ahead of master with more to come).


The semester is almost at an end and I will be able to resume work on GemRB. Shouldn't be too much longer after that before I'm ready to merge.

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