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Party sorcerer spell pick SCS II


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I'd like to know your choices with all the changes SCS II brings. Here are mine


lv1 - Magic missile, shield, prot petrification, blindness, charm


lv2 - Mirror image, blur, invisibility, glitterdust, melf's acid arrow


lv3 - remove magic, invisibility 10 radius, flame arrow, skull trap, slow


lv4 - stoneskin, improved invisibility, greater malison, minor globe of invulnerability, minor sequencer


lv5 - Breach, lower resistance, spell immunity, spell shield, animate dead


lv6 - True sight, mislead, contingency, improved haste, protection from magical weapons


lv7 - Ruby ray of reversal, mordenkainen's sword, power word stun, finger of death, spell sequencer


lv8 - Abi Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, Spell trigger, Power word blind, Protection from energy


lv9 - Time stop, spellstrike, imprisonment, chain contingency


Notes on picks : lv3 - On Melf's minute meteors, I believe i've installed a component wich makes it a +2 wepon, making it less usefull. Plus I find that the dispel effect on the Staff of the magi, either to time stop and completely break enemie's stoneskins, fireshields and etc.. is priceless.

And has saved me many times since I play with no reloading or retries or any abusive tactics from situation like your hasted fighter gets dominated or held and you are out of dispels.


lv4 - I'm not sure about minor sequencer, but having invisibility/mirror image stored saved me a couple times, taking sugestions here, heard good things about spirit armor but haven't tried it yet. Don't really like turning into a gelly so I don't pick polymorph self.


lv5 - I'm not sure about lower resistance since I usually have 2 fighter type on my crew And I seem to get enough of it from scrolls, I usually only end up using it on dragons to hit them with G. malison and damaging spells. Now I get really thorn between Sunfire and Animate dead. Sunfire with a party to handle becomes reaaally hard to use, Animate dead is awesome as always but since we mostly use Breach, I rarely end up using it. I would really like some suggestions on lv 5 spell picks.


lv6 - A lot of people pick Death spell, but I find it that we get more scrolls of it in the game than we can actually use, I pick Improved haste instead. Protection from magic energy I don't like very much because of potions of magic blocking and belt of inertial barrier, taking suggestions here too.


lv7 - I don't pick project image because enemies won't abuse it against me and I like to keep the game challenging.Then I can't decide between Spell turning and Power word stun wich is good to neutralize mages, but I think there are better picks maybe.


lv 8 - I like the listed above, but taking suggestions as always :O)


lv9 - I rarely see people picking Imprisonment, but when we have a lot of enemies to worry about and they are summoning Balors, Glabrezus and pit fiends casting remove magic among other, just Time stop and make them disappear, no saving throw, no nothing :O) I'd like to know what you ghuys think about picking Wish and it's actual use.

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