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Kit Revisions Beta 20

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Hello everyone, I had some news from Demi who authorized me to release KR21 with fixes and the French translation.

But before that is there something I should do? Should I create a new topic, Kit Revisions Beta 21 for example? preferably via DropBox or something else?


I'd like to release it for impatient French beta testers ^^

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A new topic wouldn't hurt.

You can also upload the mod archive to the first post of the topic and edit it later if it needs changes. But you might want to attach the file as a .zip, a .rar's have less usability.

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By clicking on fighter at character creation, the game ends immediatley. It happens only if I choose french language at mod installation. In english, I have no problems

Is this in EE ?

And in EE, did you choose to change the in game language BEFORE you installed any mods. Yes, THAT is important too. In non-EE this doesn't matter, as you don't have language difference ... in file. As there(non-EE games) you only have one dialog.tlk(, but the EE games have more, which can error out the game.. ).

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