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RE_DreamTimer question


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I have to ask, again:




Means - what? The timer is expired?


So, if I want to prevent the situation in my mod that Ajantis comes to the PC the same time the RE_DreamTimer is expired, BUT I also have to make sure my script fires in case the RE_DreamTimer is not set at all, this would mean I'd had to include





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My head doesn't work well right now, but I'll look over my answer in the morning - there's a nuance we need to keep in mind. In short, don't use the second command, EVER, use the first, if you even want to bother(my advice: don't. Let the Crossmod handle this, it's their eparchy), because it would mean that either the timer hasn't been set at all, or the timer's expired.

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0x40B6 RealGlobalTimerExpired(S:Name*,S:Area*)

NT Returns true only if the timer with the specified name of the specified area has been set at least once and has now expired.


0x40B7 RealGlobalTimerNotExpired(S:Name*,S:Area*)

NT Returns true only if the timer with the specified name of the specified area has been set and has not yet expired.

So !RealGlobalTimerExpired returns true if the timer has been set and hasn't expired or has never been set.

And !RealGlobalTimerNotExpired returns true if the timer has never been set or has been set and has expired.

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I want the RE timer to be not expired (or not set at all), because I want to use this trigger for the Ajantis rest dialogues (which should not trigger if Valygar or Coran or Aran are lining up..). I should have stated this in the above post, sorry. Fact is, that I have now a bug report about night talks not triggering, and before I used !RealGlobalTimerNotExpired("PrefixNightTimer","GLOBAL") for ages with no complaints. BUT from the logic of what I have in mind it should be "!RealGlobalTimerExpired("RE_DreamTimer","GLOBAL")" in my case - I think. But I think I will just take it out - and live with bug reports about PC having multiple lovers upon rest.

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I think I had a fault in my logic, the timer probably doesn't run all the time, meaning there isn't always a triggered event after it run, so maybe it doesn't run most of the time - then the "!RealGlobalTimerExpired("RE_DreamTimer","GLOBAL")" wouldn't trigger, obviously.


I'll just leave it out and stop complicating things.

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