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Dialogue event looping glitch?


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Hey guys, I've been playing through a coop BGT game. It's all being going incredibly smoothly, only a couple reloads here and there for minor bugs, very impressed!


However, we've hit a snag in BG2. We've just left wakeen's promenade for the first time, and been given the collect 20,000 gold quest. However, we are now locked in a perpetual dialogue pause loop. Loading it in singleplayer allows us to move around and save, but not quick save, as it says dialogue is in progress. Jaheria stops every few steps.


after running the script checker, it would appear its because block 15 in BGJHEIRA.BSC is being run. After reading around, its because Jaheria's romance dialogue should be kicking in about now. Unfortunately we don't have a save where this bug isnt occuring for quite some time, so we can't just re run it. setting jaheriaromance to 1 in shadowkeeper didnt seem to make a difference though



How can I reset this dialogue script so it can have a chance to run normally?

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Could you please post the script block that is stuttering? Then we could diagnose it


(there are several blocks that deal with Jaheira and most installs scripts will vary based on what has been installed and what has not).


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how would I retrieve it? I opened up the BCS in infinity explorer and got the text...but i don't know which block is which? I've pastebin'd the text incase its useful to you, but what should I be looking for?


--cancel that, i pulled the wrong bsc, will upload the right one later--

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after running the script checker, it would appear its because block 15 in BGJHEIRA.BSC is being run.
The cause:










Use the Console and this:


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I'll note I tried setting 'xzarfight' to 0 and 2 in shadowkeeper, using the console to double check the values had been correctly set, producing the same results




the plot thickens, looks like block 15 is actually the nashkell mines related event? take a look:




thats the script after the script tester has been added

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Yup, it was the 2 nashkell mine events at the bottom that were kicking in - because I had just ticked over into chapter 2 of BG2, when it was expecting chapter 2 of BG1. For now I have simply removed those lines, as they don't have any further impact on the game, but any suggestions to fix it so It doesn't cause an issue through a replay would be appreciated!


thanks for all the assistance!

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Heh - beat me to it -












The chapter will be 2, but that is BG content, so the best bet would be to set


Global("GoToNashkell","GLOBAL",0) from 0 to something like 5


(most non-mod stuff uses 0, 1, 2, or 3, so settig a slightly larger number lessens the chance of accidentally triggering another variable :) )



EDIT:\ Usually, BG content in BGT/BigWorld etc. uses GlobalLT("ENDOFBG1","GLOBAL",2) as a filtering variable to stop this sort of thing from happening. It usually appears in most installs, so i think it was something odd in install - but if it happens again, it is worth checking on the BGT and Mega install forums, just to make sure.

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