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Question: 1PP paperdolls


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I have a question, that I hope someone on the forum will be able to help me out with. I enjoy playing with Item Revisions mod immensely and I find the changes to the items stats generally improve the gameplay and fun a lot.


I do, however, not really like the new (or oldish) character graphics - both the paperdoll in inventory and the actual character ingame. Is there a way to use the item stat changes, but not actually change the way things look?


Thanks in advance for any help :)

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By in-game changes you mean 1PP shields? Because afaik avatars themselves are pretty much identical in terms of general look.


Anyway, you can modify the installation by going into 'item_rev/components' folder and open 'main_component.tpa'. Look for:

/*-----------------1PP Content-------------------*/

COPY ~item_rev/1pp/v2~	  ~override~
COPY ~item_rev/1pp/v3_paperdolls~	  ~override~

and modify it into

/*-----------------1PP Content-------------------*/

/* COPY ~item_rev/1pp/v2~	  ~override~
COPY ~item_rev/1pp/v3_paperdolls~	  ~override~ */

That will make IR's install skip 1PP new avatars and paperdolls.


I suggest to not comment out 1PP shields though, because that might screw up some of their animation assignments and/or color palettes.

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Demivrgvs I love the item revisions mod but I have the same issue as the original poster--I like the BG EE graphics better :-) I am on a mac so it won't let me mod the .tpa file; can you send me an altered maincompenent.tpa file so I can switch it out with mine?



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