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How to spawn a Keg (IWDII)


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Hi. I'm trying to add a Keg actor to an area. Could someone direct me to a tutorial for adding actors? The actor structure variables described on the WeiDU documentation is a little over my head. I've followed Miloch's example from a similar question but it produced no results.


I've made some attempts, with the tp2 installing fine, but the actor does not appear. Each time I've stated a new game. My last attempt created a ctd.


I thought weimer's "bonus merchant" mod should have a clear example of this, but I'd like to avoid global variables and the .bcs file.


Here is what I have -


COPY ~KC_IWD2/basic armors/KCBAKEG1.cre~    ~override~
COPY_EXISTING ~AR1001.ARE~    ~override/AR1001.ARE~
 LPF ~fj_are_structure~
  fj_loc_x = 570
  fj_loc_y = 435
  fj_dest_x = 570
  fj_dest_y = 435
  fj_animation = 0xEF50  // Keg 1
  fj_orientation = 0 // South
  fj_structure_type = actor
  fj_name = Keg
  fj_cre_resref = KCBAKEG1  // Keg with scale mail

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Did you check if this function handles the area properly? If yes, then load the area into an editor and compare your actor to one which you just added.

You can also try to manually spawn the creature before adding to area.

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Yeah, no createcreature console command, you can still try to spawn it with scripting. It is important to know what's wrong, the creature or the creature's area entry.


Also, compare all fields of the area entry, there are lots of fields that could disable appearance.

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Hmm... In still not sure what the problem is. Does someone provide an example or direct me to one? I'm not comfortable with patching the BCS file yet, and all the examples I can find do this to add an actor.


My actor is a keg with a different inventory. Nothing spectacular.

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Did you check if this function handles the area properly? If yes, then load ...


I don't know what this means yet. :/

If you have a valid (not corrupted) area containing your creature after you have installed your mod, the function probably handles the area properly (it should, fwiw).

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