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Installing WeiDUs and Infinity Animation


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Making my first steps in the WeiDU world and I'm facing some issues on my Ubuntu 13.04 system. With the Bearwalker pack in mind, I've the run the .exe for Infinity animations b5 (with Wine) and it justs halts after a promising start. Here's the snapshot :


The bearwalker files says it doesnt see it installed. Is it some kind of loophole that need to be patched with other files?


Entering the WeiDU (kai!) so ANY knowledge on this is welcome!

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IA is packaged with filenames encoded in windows-1252, so it will be problematic to install it on a UTF8 system. You can try using something like convmv or enca/enconv to convert the file names.

You also want to use WeiDU for Linux (link), rather than running WeiDU for Windows through Wine.

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