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Idea for BG spin off


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You are Noober. A good intentioned simpleton on a quest to become a hero. Your story starts in a tutorial of doing house chores ( to learn the basic controls and object interaction ) and farm work ( fetch quests and learning the quest / journal system ). CandleKeep it is not.


Prologue: a band of heroes enters town determined to rid the local iron mines of some evil ghosts, or kobolds, maybe even a dragon if the miners rumors are to be believed. Filled with awe and charged by gusto you race to meet the adventurers. Desperate to impress you fumble your words and ask monotonous questions, truly bungling your hopes of joining their epic quest. Before you know it a Druid magics the local plants and shrubs around your legs and a hulking brute of a swordsman pummels you into unconsciousness. Prologue complete


Chapter one: you awaken to the site of a bewildered man dressed in red robes staring down at you. It is then he tells you he has a special quest just for you! Finally, your chance to become an adventurer has arrived! Wait till those nasty mercenaries hear about all your heroic deeds! Your scholarly patron is in need of a young hero to quest into deep dungeons and dark tombs to find special treasures. In trade he will mentor your new career and help you become one of the greatest adventurers of legend!


Noober: The Questing


Inspirations: Willow, The never ending Story, The venture bros, Pink Panther.


Character Arc: The main character is the comedic foil for Dramatic plot lines centered on Key NPCs. Noober is "lucky", yet bungling. Determined yet half witted. The character does evolve, but never loses his "fish out if water" charm.


Lead Design Note: comedy pulls focus, distracts tension, and endears the main character to the audience. Noober can save the day by being inept at cluelessly serving an evil architect.

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