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Seeking Advice - Spellhold Irenicus


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Ok, so I always rush to Spellhold since I don't want to leave Imoen to rot in cell/be molested by the old mage. Consequence: we are a level 11-12 party and get mauled badly by Irenicus!


I have: Me (Duelist 11), Minsc (Rgr11), Viconia (Clr12), Jaheira ( Ftr9/Drd10), Valygar (Rgr11), Imoen (Wiz11)


Part of the problem might be that I have spell revisions installed, so spells all have -6 save penalties >< But mainly its just the number of summoned demons. Its kinda silly how all your "Allies" summon demons, who then rip you to pieces. I think 4 or maybe 5 demons are summoned during the battle.


The self-clones are not a big deal, but I kill them early on as there aren't any demons yet. I've really no idea. I can't even buff myself as Reni seems to have at least 2 Remove Magics memorised...with 100% success chance of course. So its me unbuffed against 5 Glabrezu etc. You can't even open the doors to escape into the corridor and wait for the battle to cool down!

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