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Is gemrb for me?


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Hello. I am what you might call a "newb". I've done some minor modding--created some spl's, kits, minor coding--but I am not, by any definition, a computer expert. when I read the word "python", I think snake. I tried to install gemrb about a year ago and somehow downloaded a virus.


Anyway, is it a waste of time (and perhaps dangerous for my computer) for an illiterate like me to try to install gemrb? Frankly, the project looks awesome and the tinker in me gets giddy at all the softcoded goodness but I also have a little bit of "once bitten-ness" going on. If it makes a difference, I am working with windows xp.


thank you

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Also, if you download from sourceforge, where all our stuff is hosted, there is no chance of getting a virus. Third party sites however may be spoofing people. It's quite likely the antivirus just sucks too, since people reguarly have the same problem with weidu.

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