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Tab Toggle for BG2/Tutu


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Don't know if something like this has been made before, but a quick Google search didn't yield anything so I whipped something up myself.


I made a utility for BG2 that changes the Tab key into a toggle for highlighting useable items instead of having to be held down all the time. With this file running, you can press Tab once and all useable items will stay highlighted for as long as you want. To deactivate the highlighting, just press Tab again. Constantly holding Tab down is no longer necessary.


More formal documentation is included below. Forgive me if I've broken some protocol for uploading files on the site, but I didn't have permission to upload new files formally and I'm generally a moron, so I figured this was the next best thing.


Hope it helps.






Tab Toggle for Baldur's Gate II


Original code by Cambios@Frogdice Games

Adapted for BG2 by Cirosan


>> Download: bg_tab_toggle.zip


>> Download Mirror





How do I use it?



The Tab key now toggles highlighting useable items instead of having to be held down.


You can run the .exe at any time and it will still take effect. Run it before you launch BG2, Alt+Tab out of BG2 and then run it, whatever you want.


The .exe file may be flagged as a false positive by certain antivirus programs. This is because it's not digitally signed, and I'm a lazy person that didn't want to fiddle around with Microsoft's SignTool. Run the program through Malwarebytes to confirm it's clean, if you're worried.


To close the program, right click on the green H icon in your taskbar and hit exit.





Will this work with Tutu or BGT?



The executable will indeed work with Tutu; I've tested it myself. It should work with BGT as well, but I haven't tested that personally.





Is there any danger to having the .exe running when BG2 isn't open?



No. The executable will only work when BG2 is running and when it's the active window.





I use a button other than Tab to highlight things. Can I adjust this file to work with my custom binding?



Yes. See the "What's the "ahk" folder for?" section below to find out how.





What's the "ahk" folder for?



This .exe was made using a program called AutoHotkey (http://www.autohotkey.com/). The ahk folder contains the raw code made in the AutoHotkey utility before it was converted to an executable file. If your highlight key is something other than Tab and you want to change the .exe to work with your custom binding, just open the .ahk file in notepad, replace "Tab" with the key of your choice, then download AutoHotkey and use the "Convert .ahk to .exe" component to make your own file.





What if I open the .exe file again while it's already running?



Nothing. The new instance of the .exe you just started will overwrite the old one, so there can only be one instance of the .exe open at one time. You don't have to worry about twenty of the same executable being open at once because you forgot to close them or anything.





Have fun, and if you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. Happy gaming!

- Ciro

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