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Unknown file format: BAH


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I've seen a solitary entry in one of Near Infinity's source files referring to a BAH file format (resource type 0x44c). A quick look over BG2's BGMain.exe reveals at least three instances of that particular file type. I have also found several matches in the IWD and IWD2 executables.


As its file signature can be found in the text string "TIS BAM BAH BMP MOS WAV WFX PLT" within BGMain.exe, I guess it is yet another format to store sound, graphics or animation data.


Does anyone know more about it?

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From what I have seen, BAH files are referred to as BAM header files. The script actions CreateVisualEffect/CreateVisualEffectObject and the effect opcode #215 (Play 3D Effect) attempt to load BAH files if they exist. However, I don't know anything about the file structure (with the exception that it starts with "BAH V1 ") or its purpose.


Edit: If someone with more experience in understanding assembly code wants to take a look, I have attached (hopefully) all relevant portions from the BGMain.exe as screenshots.

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