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Improved Deployment for Parties of Assassins not working properly?


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I've recently replaying BG1 under EasyTutu for the sixth or seventh time, and I've been unsuccessful in seeing the assassin parties from the Improved Deployment for Parties of Assassins component. This component has worked for me in the past, so I'm a little perplexed. My character definitely is over level three, the party has killed Tranzig and I've been in Chapter 3 for almost an in-game month. Is there a way to fix this elegantly?


Otherwise, is there a way to force these parties to spawn? I'd really like to encounter them before they end up becoming a trivial speed bump to the party.

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Hello everybody,


I've run ino the same problem (with a BiGWorld installation). No assassin/bounty hunter parties showing up, neither at their usual (vanilla) places nor elsewhere. My party is waltzing in the city of Baldur's Gate now (chapter 5 IIRC) and on an average level of 7. I share Corzanth's fear that they are gone for good or show up when they became less than a nuisance already.

The component (from earlier mod versions) used to work for me in the past with BGTutu installations, so I'm baffled. Any suggestions?




Azaghal. Khazad ai-menu!

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Any suggestions?
Well, you might have to return to the areas you have been and search for them... see they will spawn on one of the areas, and after they are deployed, they won't move ... so you probably just missed their first entrance as they can be in an area you have already explored by the time you enter the map, and if they get deployed there, and you won't see them, they are gone for good. And they only deploy in a wilderness area, so...
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Thank you for the advice, Jarno.

Puuh, it's going to be quite a task to re-explore all area maps (wilderness). My party is in the city of Baldur's Gate now, meaning (at least for my game) I've uncovered all other areas already.

Besides I can't really imagine I missed the relocated bounty hunters for two reasons: In the former mod versions the component spawned the relocated parties right next to my party. If this remained unchanged and I didn't accidentally outrun them using the haste spell or boots of speed (which I didn't) the chance to miss them unintentionally is very small. Secondly my modded game produces a tiny lag in gameplay when spawning creatures or NPCs (like random encounters) on the map. It's very short, but wouldn't go unnoticed though.

So I'm uncertain whether to undergo the task of actively searching for the missing baddies, since neither their xp nor their loot is of any importance for my advanced party. It's a pity though. Sigh!



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Thank you, kreso!


I rested at Feldepost's but - alas! - to no avail. Since your advice is quite contrary to Jarno's (wilderness <--> Beregost) I was hopeful, but of course my advanced levels (and chapters) may have been my undoing, as you presumed.



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