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BG1 Walkthrough


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For many years the much beloved Dudleyville.Com has been out there for us fans of Baldur's Gate. The site has stood the test of time. Wanting to pay homage to it I've spent the last four days working on an update for it. Yes, my creation may have spoilers and 'tis not complete, but it satisfies my need to contribute to the community-at-large. Hopefully it will do the same for others.


If you visit my fan site, SpidersRPGWorld.Com follow the Games > Baldur's Gate I > Walkthrough menu at the top. Or click here. Hopefully, after a short time delay, a PDF will open up for you. Just about everything in the file is a link to somewhere else in the file with the inside front cover having an explanation. The file can be saved to your computer if you want to use it. It is offered AS IS with one caveat. If you like it, share it.


Any suggestions, encouragement or assistance is welcomed.



'Ol Bearded Menace

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