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City Caverns Problem


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I missed City of Caverns and i was thinking: is there a mod that lets me play City of Caverns even after finishing the underdark and drow city?? I feel sorry for all the good items and exp that i missed :D


Thanks for helping me :D

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Welcome to G3!


No, sorry, no mod that I'm aware of. I'm also afraid it is not properly possible without potentially screwing some of your important game variables for good(unless you knew what you were doing, but the headache isn't worth it, really). I wouldn't recommend it.


There are lots of good quest mods that can offer you experience and gold, though - Tower of Deception, for example, or Tales of the Deep Gardens, or my own Dungeon Crawl. If you want, I can even send you a link to my closed-beta Sellswords, which includes another journey in the new Underdark areas.

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