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Mephits Bug


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I have encountered a bug with casting Horror at mephits.


When I do this, certain mephits who failed their saving throw and are supposed to be running around panicking instead just cast their special attack over and over again. I mean literally 2 or 3 times a second.


This has happened to me in two different playthroughs. The first example was in Rayic Gethras' home. I entered, cast Horror, all the mephits failed their saving throws. But the magma mephits just kept firing their magma ball at my PC repeatedly until I could kill them. That only cost me 3 or 4 extra healing potions.


The second was in Irenicus dungeon, the air portal. I cast Horror at the 5 mephits grouped at the top. 4 failed their saving throws, only the smoke mephit was out of the area of effect. 3 of the panicked mephits behaved correctly, but the steam mephit just launched repeated boiling rain storms, and because they stun, my PC (over 100HP) died in 4 or 5 seconds. I managed to pause just before he lost his last HP and I counted that the steam mephit launched 19(!) boiling rain storms at him in those few seconds.


I tried searching but cannot see that this has been reported.

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