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Yet another Mod install order assistance plea


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So I was wondering if some generous ponies would be willing to look over my install order of mods for BG2, as I keep encountering bugs though the mods SHOULD all work together... I think. Anyway if anypony with such knowledge would like to look it over I would really appreciate it :)

BG2 Mod Installation Order: After the latest patch of course

  1. G3 BG2 Fixpack



  1. Weimer's Item Upgrade Pack
  2. Spell Revisions
  3. Divine Remix
  4. Oversight
    NPC Mods:
  5. Yvette Romance (Maybe, she seems to stop talking/interacting with me after her dream/story talk in her scroll form ;/)
  6. Fade
  7. Kim
  8. Amber
  9. Kivan and Deheriana
  10. Xan
  11. Valen
  12. Auren Aseph
  13. Tyris Flare
  14. Sarah
  15. Solaufein
  16. Yasraena
    NPC Interaction related Mods:
  17. Cross mod Banter Pack
  18. BG2 Banter Pack
  19. Dearnise Romance
  20. Flirt pack
    Quest Mods:
  21. Unfinished Business
  22. Romantic Encounters
  23. Every Mod and dog
  24. Shards of Ice
  25. Tower of Deception
  26. Dungeon Crawl
  27. G3 Anniversary Mod
  28. Assassinations
  29. Wheels of prophecy
  30. BG2 Alternate Sound Track
  31. Song and Silence
  32. Full Plate and Packing Steel (Maybe, does anypony know if the alternate armor system really works and it is worth being slow?)
  33. NPC Kit Pack
  34. Rogue Rebalancing
  35. Psionics Unleashed
  36. Wild Mage Additions
  37. One Pixel Productions
  38. BG Paint
  39. BP Series Party AI for BGEE & ToB/BGT 0.3079
  40. High Level ABILITIES
  41. BG2 Tweaks
  42. Add On Content:
  43. Tales of the Deep Gardens
  44. Innershade
  45. The White Queen
  46. I Shall never Forget
  47. Fishing For Trouble

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Spell Revisions

Divine Remix

SR and DR are not currently compatible.


Add On Content:

Tales of the Deep Gardens


The White Queen

I Shall never Forget

Fishing For Trouble

These add content, so they should be installed before tweaks.

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