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Which order to install this mod compared to other g3 mods?


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This is if you are going to make a new install ...

1-Baldur's Gate II Fixpack

2-Baldur's Gate Trilogy-WeiDU

3-BG1 Unfinished Business

I would place the BG1 NPC Project here

4-BG2 Unfinished Business


6-BG2 Tweak Pack

And if you are unsure about what resolution to put on the Widescreen mod, place it under the BG2 Tweaks, but you can do as you prefer.
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If I already installed everything and started playing the game (I am currently assault the gnoll stronghold with minsc), how likely is it to break my game if I installed it now?
Well, I can't say for sure ... but it's not likely to break your game... you might miss a lot if you have been in the areas where the things happen, but other than that, everything should go well. So the current characters can keep their pictures etc.
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