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Problems with IWD and widescreen on Android


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I have Android tablet, Ainol Novo9 Spark, with 9.7' 4:3 Retina display (2048*1536) and installed gemRB 0.8 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Other%20Binaries/android/0.8.0/gemrb-0.8.0-git-5aa84783.apk/download)


So, I have set, when install HOW on my desktop, resolution in widescreen mode to 2048*1152 (but i have tested and a smaller resolution).


When I start game on my tablet - it shows well, but in a very small rectangular in a center of a screen.


What I do wrong, how can use selected resolution on my screen? :(((((

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did you set the resolution in the gemrb config too? Also, I think you're not using the latest build, but that probably shouldn't affect your current problem. And maybe you need half the resolution - don't these screens just double all the pixels?

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So, I have some additions.

If I set in gemRB.cfg 1280*1024 - I have a little more big window, like a quarter of screen, but it is not comfortable to play.


When I set bigger resolution - i got a small window. So, what I do wrong?


My version of IWD is torrent repack from gog.com with some standart patches and widescreen mode.

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Can you describe this a bit more? The gui is covering let's say a quarter of the screen and all the rest is the game area?
As in, this is only if the game map that has large enough game area to cover the whole screen with the GUI covering the outer limits in the main window. In the inventory screen for example, it only covers a portion of the screen because there's no art to cover the whole thing, the map screens, the game start screens etc. are same with the inventory screen, there's nothing to display, so it can be largely black with big resolution sizes.
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