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Bear River

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Okay, don't laugh too loud when I ask this question. What is the name of the river that passes thru Bear River? As an interesting aside, if you look at the world map the river separates the Bear River and Xvart Village areas, yet it lies entirely within the Bear River area on the in-game area map.


As another aside, I found this online map and it offers something I was not aware of in Baldur's Gate. On the map it shows Ulgoth's Beard to the west of Baldur's Gate. Also, and this intrigues me, is the inclusion of a ruins called Cragmyr Keep almost due south of Beregost. The possibilities are endless.


Oh, to be a coder with the skills of others on this forum. Or at least a decent cartographer.

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Regarding the bear river thing.... Probably is the Bear River running thru that map. I would hazard to guess that when they positioned the original world map icons that they did so to ensure clarity in what was what rather than trying to put them in exact spot.


If you will note the High Hedge map fits with the Beregost map as does the Temple map. All three side by side like they were cut from each other with 0 time travel between provided you walk across Beregost yourself. But they are spaced apart by some distance on the world map.

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