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Checking variables


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I want to test something and thus I need to see what a variable is.


Case in point is Jared of Beer River. Depending on your NPC reaction you get different experience points and gold. I would like to see the variable. Why? Because I would like to test the casting of a the spell Friends before speaking to him for the second time. It might be that the spell is not effective a sit pertains to "The Bear" unless it is cast before speaking to him the first time.


My thought is to speak to him for the first time and check the variable. And then cast Friends and check it again. And then do the same thing after killing the bears.


"Oh, thank goodness someone came by. There’s a bear on the other side of that bridge and it’s coming this way! Please hold it off, I’ll give you anything!


"I can’t run anymore. Sigh. There’s just no point to life, is there… We just run in endless circles around and around and around… Sigh…


"Heading south to cross the stream over the bridge we had seen, we met a traveling merchant by the name of Jared. Explaining that he had gotten separated from his merchant band some miles upstream while traversing the pass thru the Cloud Peak mountains, he had come across a mother bear and her cubs. Needing to cross the same bridge he scared the bears, forcing the mother to attack. Now is when I wish I had a ranger around. Or a spell of charm monster. We could then extricate both the merchant and ourselves from an unnecessary situation. But alas, it looks like we will have to kill the bear."

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Open jared.dlg to view the conditions/actions. The reaction is checked when you are given the reward.

Yeah, I did. That tells me what occurs when the NPC reaction is at "X". It does not tell me what the variable "X" is before I talk to him. I would think, but I'm probably wrong, that somewhere in your memory, and thus able to be checked, is a variable. I used Shadowkeeper before and after and could see no difference in the variable tab. The effect tab showed that the spell had been cast, but not what the final "X" NPC reaction was. And what would be really interesting would be to permit Jared to be pick pocketed.


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Reaction should be the equivalent of base 10 plus charisma modifier (see rmodchr.2da) plus reputation modifier (see rmodrep.2da)

The end result is compared to reaction.ids which then determines the action to follow.

See entry 0x403c


Do note all that is based on BG1. You are talking about BG1 content after all. There may be slight differentiation if using BG2 engine (but I doubt it).

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