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IWD2 Tweaks 100% Learn Spells

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I read that there is a 1% failure chance despite being set at 100%. Hard coded limits I'm sure.


The question is this:

Are specialist mages more prone to the failure than general wizards?


The reason I ask is that in my first run I had a general wizard, not once did she ever fail learning a spell scroll. This run with an Evoker she's just failed two times in a row. They were from schools that she can cast but they were not from her specialist school.


I'm wondering if perhaps with specialist mages the non-specialized classes have a greater chance to fail than those within the specialized field. i.e. a transmutation scroll will fail before an evocation scroll if the school of focus is evocation.

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in bg2 that was the case, with a 15% bonus/malus depending on the school (should be somewhere in the IESDP forum). In bg1 the same mechanic wouldn't have worked, even if it is there, since the spells don't have PrimaryType set.


So I don't know, but there is a precedent.

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