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Another Planescape: Torment portrait pack (solved)


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I'm trying to make a standardized portrait pack for Planescape: Torment,

based Tchos' awesome portrait mod (see link below)



Basically it's about finding the right pics and tuning the positions so that all portraits look "unified"

Meaning the characters will have similar positions and sizes in the pictures.

Also, preferably, similar art styles.


I just finished TNO, Dak'kon, Morte, Annah, Nordom and FFG.

From Tcho's mod, I know that I can simply name these BMP files into the appropriate name and place them into the override folder.

The problem is, he only made portrait for TNO, Morte, Annah and FFG. (And Vhailor)

I have absolutely no idea what will the file names be like for other companion.

The only thing I know is that it's going to be some 3 letter combinations.


Annah: ann

FFG: ffg

Morte: mrt


Is there anyway to check and find the appropriate file name?




no worries, found them using IE savegame editor

who would have thought Ignus's code is "igy"?

Anyway, am I allowed to post the pics up here if the portraits were done using someone's artworks?

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